There’s been a lot of buzz around the new Microsoft Azure Commit to Consume (MACC) Program, and for good reason. MACC gives your buyers the ability to have 100% of the dollars they spend buying your software via Azure Marketplace count against their Azure Enterprise Agreements (EAs). As an ISV, including your software in a buyer's EA helps them burn down existing commitments or agree to larger commits. 

Why Transition from a VM-based Listing?
VM-based listings are only pay-as-you-go, which makes it challenging for your buyer to judge a commitment amount over a longer-term, like 3 years. This is why you need a subscription-based listing. 

How can Tackle Help?
If you currently have a VM-based listing on Azure Marketplace, Tackle can turn this into a subscription-based listing for you with no engineering efforts necessary on your end. This allows your buyers to comfortably commit to spending on your software over longer terms and opens up the potential for you to do larger deals (it’s true, our customers have done lots of them). 

Let Tackle do the heavy lifting while you grow your revenue by leveraging MACC!

What are the Requirements?

  • Available for new Tackle customers only
  • Must have co-sell ready status with Microsoft
  • Up to 50% off of your first-year Tackle subscription
  • Must purchase Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform before November 31, 2020

Talk to Tackle now to convert your VM-based listing on Azure Marketplace