Here at Tackle, we believe that great products must be created in collaboration with customers. That’s why we are so excited to announce the Tackle Early Access Program (EAP), designed to give our power users early access to new functionality in development. It’s a unique opportunity to try out features in advance of general availability and influence the development of the product by sharing your experience.

What is Tackle Offers for Microsoft?

Private offers are a fast way to pass custom pricing and terms to each buyer — delivering a personalized feel that results in shortened timelines and quicker closes. Tackle Offers takes it one step further, with a streamlined seller workflow, a clear view into an order’s movement through acceptance stages, and the kind of granular visibility that sales, finance, and operations teams crave. In short, Tackle accelerates the seller’s path to closed-won in the Marketplace.

With this new release, Microsoft sellers will be able to create private offers within the user-friendly Tackle interface which automatically creates them in Microsoft commercial marketplace. This new capability eliminates redundant data entry, improves accuracy, and gets the offer out faster.

Why would you want to participate?

As an EAP participant, you are able to share what is truly important to you and how our product design impacts your ability to sell and operate effectively in the Cloud Marketplaces. You will have an opportunity to test new product functionality in advance of the General Availability (GA) release. Ultimately, this gives you new features and improvements much earlier, and it helps Tackle align the development with your needs.

What are the criteria for participation?

To participate in this program, you must have:

A Tackle account with an Extend or higher package


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