Buyers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to researching and purchasing software. In fact, 67% of software buyers engage a vendor’s sales team after they have already made a purchase decision, according to recent data from G2’s 2021 Buyer Behavior Report. Go-to-market teams have responded by leveraging data and ramping up content marketing, social proof, communities, events and offline touchpoints, and much more to reach buyers where they are. 

The way sellers leverage their systems to deliver a meaningful buyer experience has some room for improvement. Join Tackle’s CEO John Jahnke for a conversation with G2 CMO Amanda Malko as they discuss:  

  • Key changes sellers need to know about their buyers 
  • How to vet your buyer lifecycle for pain points 
  • How to link marketing, sales, and partners for customer success

June 22 G2 Webinar_LP imagecropped


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