Selling software has evolved from the predominant use of direct channels and in-person meetings with your customers to include using indirect channels such as Cloud Marketplaces, along with healthy doses of remote selling. Tackle’s GTM strategy was built with a remote-first sales team that sells indirectly via Cloud Marketplaces, and we’re ready to open our playbook to share our secrets to success.  Watch the webinar to learn how you can make efficient use of your resources when you and your customers are remote, strategies to speed up procurement and why Cloud Marketplaces must be a part of your new GTM plan.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Strategies to maintain a personal connection when selling shifts to remote
  • What kinds of software deals are happening across the Cloud Marketplaces today
  • Why the Cloud Marketplaces offer an easier path to doing business during times of uncertainty, and how to optimize your sales process for this channel

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Watch the webinar